Financial Aid Post-Stroke

Navigating the financial challenges of stroke recovery can be daunting and full of uncertainty.  In this blog article, our guest contributor, Maureen Harrop shares a few tips to help stroke survivors and caregivers on this topic.

By Maureen Harrop, Stroke Survivor, Author, & Founder of Stroke Recovery Solutions


First, if a survivor is on Social Security AND had a job pre-stroke, they can claim SS Disability payments.

Second, check out Dr. Elyse Newland and her video on ‘How To Find Financial Assistance After a Stroke’ here:

Third, my prior career was as a Human Resources professional. I want to share some money-saving information. If you have an ADA complaint regarding an employment matter, file a complaint with your local EEOC Office, rather than calling an expensive for-profit or a free nonprofit attorney. Reason being:

  • It’s a FREE service provided by our government, where they will thoroughly investigate your claim; and,

  • Once the sometimes-lengthy investigation is complete, the investigator assigned to your case will tell you whether you have a case or not! Thus, it will not only enhance your lawsuit; but it will save you the money an attorney would charge to investigate your claim (called Discovery), which the EEOC has already done for you FOR FREE! All your lawyer would do is subpoena the EEOC records!

Lastly, here’s another one, but I will mention – writing a grant is for experts, not novices. It may be worth looking into someone to help you write the grant and explore the information required.


About Maureen Harrop

One year after surviving a stroke in 2015, Maureen sought out a “one-stop-shop” online with comprehensive information and assistance from another stroke survivor to help answer the questions she had, and to provide practical information to help her recover. When she couldn’t find anything, she thought it was time to start listening to the people who had encouraged her to create such a vehicle early on. Stroke Recovery Solutions is the culmination of over 2.5 years of dedication to provide a resource for other stroke survivors, as well as their caregivers, family and friends.

Please visit Stroke Recovery Solutions and consider subscribing to Maureen’s blog, Project Recover and Live Again for more helpful information.


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