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Vivistim is an FDA approved neurostimulation device that works inside your body to boost the brain connections needed to regain arm and hand function.

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How it works

Vivistim is a small device placed in your chest during a same-day, outpatient procedure.

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Why Vivistim

  • Clinically Proven

    2-3 times more arm and hand function compared to rehab alone, after six weeks of in-clinic therapy.1

  • Highly Satisfying

    98% of Vivistim users said they were satisfied with their therapy.2

  • FDA Approved

    Vivistim is approved by the FDA and proven safe and effective in clinical trials.3

How to benefit from Vivistim


1. Assessment

Visit a doctor or rehab specialist to learn more about Vivistim and see if you are a candidate.


2. Procedure

If you are a candidate, you will be referred to a surgeon for evaluation and the procedure.


3. Therapy

Begin your Vivistim therapy in an outpatient clinic- most sessions last for about 6 weeks. Continue your therapy at home as recommended by your doctor or therapist.

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