Are you one of the millions of stroke survivors who has been living with hand and arm impairment for far too long? It may be time for Paired Vagus Nerve Stimulation (Paired VNS®).

Today’s the day your will finds its way.

Introducing the Vivistim System.

Vivistim is the first FDA-approved neurostimulation device to pair VNS with your rehabilitation therapy and daily activities. This pairing helps strengthen the brain connections needed to improve hand and arm function. It’s the only system of its kind, and it is proven safe and effective.

Make today the day you start to turn your inner strength into physical strength.
Vivistim Works

2-3 times more hand and arm function compared to conventional rehab alone1

High Satisfaction

98% of Vivistim users were satisfied2

FDA Approved

Approved by the FDA as safe and effective3

Vivistim Victories
"Today's the day I can play board games and card games with my grandkids again."
— Paula, Vivistim User
Vivistim Victories
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