Offer hope to your chronic stroke survivors

Up to 60% of survivors suffer from persistent upper limb impairment at six months following stroke

The Vivistim System pairs Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS) with upper limb rehabilitation therapy, providing 2-3 times the improvement in arm and hand function compared to therapy alone. 1

  • Improvements in impairment, function and quality of life
  • Arm and hand improvements
  • Efficacy in survivors up to 10 years post-stroke


Benefits of Vivistim


2-3 times the improvement in arm & hand function1


98% patient satisfaction2


65% of subjects saw clinically meaningful improvement in ADLs2

Plasticity Inducing Neurostimulation


Stimulation of the vagus nerve releases neuromodulators Norepinephrine, Acetylcholine, and Serotonin.3


In preclinical stroke models, VNS combined with rehab enhanced plasticity of brain motor connections that was 3-6 fold greater compared to rehab without VNS.4


Preclinical results were replicated in clinical studies - Vivistim resulted in 2-3 times the motor improvements relative to rehab alone.


The Process

  • 1. Outpatient Procedure

    The device is placed during a short outpatient procedure, typically by a Neurosurgeon or ENT Physician. The generator is placed under the skin of the chest and the lead is tunneled from the neck to the generator.

  • 2. Clinic Therapy

    The therapist uses a button to activate the neurostimulator repeatedly during rehab tasks. Most patients do not feel the stimulation.

  • 3. Home Therapy

    Patients can activate Vivistim at home during rehab or daily activities using a special magnet.

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