How Vivistim Works

Vivistim works with your body during rehab therapy and daily activities.

The Vivistim System is designed to help increase neuroplasticity to help you regain your hand and arm movements.

During rehabilitation exercises and at-home activities, Vivistim is activated to gently stimulate the brain via the vagus nerve. This boost to the brain helps strengthen and create new neural pathways, like building a new bridge to bypass the damaged area.

Most users don’t feel the stimulation. What they feel is a noticeable improvement in hand and arm function over time. This allows users to achieve the goals that matter to them—preparing their food, buttoning their shirt, or playing cards.

When the Paired VNS therapy boosts the brain’s neural activity, it builds lasting connections that continue to work even when Vivistim is not in use.

What to expect after the Vivistim same-day, out-patient implant procedure:

Within a few weeks, your doctor will likely clear you for rehab therapy.
In-clinic rehabilitation therapy typically lasts 6 weeks, a few times per week.
Some users reported improvement in as early as 2-3 weeks.
Ongoing at-home use of the Vivistim System during your daily activities can lead to greater improvements in hand/arm function.
"Today’s the day I can drive my forty-foot motor home with a trailer behind it."
— Mike, Vivistim User
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